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tv   Today  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it is funday monday, january 18th, and it is martin luther king day, and we "wrapped up" by alime an we have a surprise to reveal
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it is worth revooling. and now, we will catch you up on the ce hed at the critics award show that has everybody buzzing. >> and plus, a new cookbook by anson williams, potsi from "happy days." >> down 75 pound s s. >> so you is so show us how to increments. >> yes, and you don't have to be a physicist. flat." >> yes. what is happening in the a
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and it was snowing. >> and are wre is the other little baby this is. >> she is down on the ground. and that is mela. >> how cute. i can't handle it. the cute factor. >> and the chill w t is mela's friend cameron and my friend laird and we were all together poppy be sisters together makes me so thrilled. so i hung at home. >> yes, and to be with them and onhey, you gorgeous girl, to poppy and i thought she would be saying mean thing things, but it is not me, but yes, i was sprint ing
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and i got to meet thndfox, a my tri dealt delt girls came out. and these young girls came from tennessee to new orleans for a book sign, and they brought liquor, and that is bad that people think that is wha so many fun people come out for the book signings, and we were in louisiana tech and lsu and met terry heplac and this girl made a doll. >> i can't handle what is happening. >> yes, and people are so amazing and i want to thank people who came out for the book signing. >> and w ask m s as great as she seem s s on tv. i always say, that your energyd. and
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>> yes, we did it and sprinted together? betty white who turned 94 yesterday. quotes. w that some of s in there -- with ke say that? d all right. hoe da, i opened up this "us weekly" or u "us weekly" however you say it. and there is my girl hoda. you get 4:00. >> brutal. >> ridiculous. and why? i don't know. because there is some --
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and you like to get to the gym. >> yes, and this is a green drink that works for me. it is call d ed the green monster? and by the way holes. >> it is good. >> and you like anyway. >> 5. :30, you take your signature shower. then you drink your juice. 8. show. >> here's our big announcement. you've been waiting patiently. this is big. >> do we have a drum roll or anything? >> it involved j-lo. it involves j-lo. guys, we're headed to las vegas! caesars palace and j-lo's opening night. and come on out, jerry! >> yes! >> thank you. >> okay. thank you, jer. you are awesome. so we're going to go behind the scenes of j-lo's new show at planet hollywood. she is headlining her first
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it's going to be so much fun. remember, you guys, whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> except do you a television show from vegas. because then your mother, your father, your grandmother, your husband could be watching. >> right. so we better be on good behavior behavior. >> and we also heard a rumor that same time we're there it's also the porn convention. we're scared to death. seriously. >> oh, no, mom, turn off the tv. >> he can do not coordinate it that way. it is even hard booking flights. >> i'm not on your flight. there is so many porn people. >> i didn't know there was awards. there are like awards for movies. >> it's like the porn of oscars. it's oscars porn. >> i can't believe we picked this week. it's j-lo's opening. >> we have a revelation about "sex in the city." this is not a spoiler alert. there is this big and carrie ended up together at the end. >> right. >> the creator revealed that he
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he said that the ending, when it gets the whole yfd the show, remember when he goes to paris and less keys rescues his girl? he runs to paris and saves her. the creator said he thinks the show betrayed what was about which is women don't ultimately find happiness from marriage. he didn't say anything at the time because he says you empower other people to write it -- >> sounds like he was hands off. i would say. the truth is that we agree and don't agree. in some ways you want women to be empowered to do their own thing. she didn't really need rescuing. i have to say, i like a happy ending. >> what are you doing under all those feathers? >> i'm hot. >> you look like big bird. >> now nobody can hear me. >> it doesn't matter. >> we're going to vegas. we don't need that to prove it. >> we have a question for you. when you think of your significant other, who said i love you first? >> okay. >> who said i love you first? this is this and release whether you should say i
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>> and you should be holding hands within two weeks. and then, you know, all the things that make us feel bad because we don't remember. i don't remember when henry and i held hands. >> do you remember the i love you moment? >> yes, we were at a christmas party and dancing. and i guess i must have been doing one miff great signature moves. he said, i love you. and i was young. he was young. i said -- >> was that dance? >> no. that is years after. >> i was pregnant with my second child. i said, i love you, too. and then i immediately said, let's get married! >> you did? >> who says that? >> i don't know. my sister was horrified. later, she is like do you want him to break up with you? and his face said it all. like, his face said -- because he was just expressing, like she's a cute girl. we've been having fun for -- we were only a month in. you said let's get married after
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>> i know. i didn't really mean it. i mean i did mean it because i'm married to him -- we've been together 11 years. one thing is my parents met and were married three months later. >> wow. >> so it kind of made relationships strange for me. one year? leave you. you know? he didn't really think. romantic. >> you thought after three months it should happen. >> we're together 11 years later. >> it worked. how about you? and joel? >> he -- no. he said it first. >> he did? >> but i said it right after. >> and you were thrilled? >> i was thrilled. i'll never forget. it happened at karen's sister's wedding. >> karen is your best friend? >> yes. we were sitting and they were all at the rehearsal dinner and we weren't. we were just sitting by a fire and just looked at me and he said it.
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had tears coming down and i said, don't leave me hanging. i think he is wondering like, hello? and i just -- you know why? i wanted to settle in. sometimes you just want to -- you want to like mark a moment. i was like there is this moment is happening right now. it's beautiful. >> you know what people do in vegas too, is they get married. >> what are you -- >> i mean there are chapels. like there is an elvis chapel. elvis could marry people. i'm just saying, i don't know. >> what are you -- >> i'm just saying in case anybody here is dating somebody that they love. you know. there's a lot of chapels. >> i wonder if joann -- >> we have friends visiting. thank you. we have auction winners. thanks for coming to see us. we're going to give a shoutout to our guys. don't forget if you have questions for our panel -- >> did you seriously burp? >>, no i'm sweating, too. >> we have a lot coming up after the break. we love them and we know you will, too.
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